Octagon Jumper
Octagon Jumper

Octagon Jumper

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Simple long sleeve top available in four different colours. Perfect for adding colour and layers to an outfit

100% Merino Wool

Made in New Zealand

5 Reasons why Merino wool is such a great option! ✨

1. Merino is 100% Natural and is a great eco-friendly choice.⁠
2. Its great for those with sensitive skin. It has been proven that merino wool has very low levels of irritants when it comes to chemicals and dyes. ⁠
3.Merino helps to regulate your temperature, keep you warm when its cold and cool you down when its warms. ⁠
4.Merino helps with excess moisture like sweat, and It maintains its temperature control even when wet or damp. ⁠
5.Merino wool contains lanolin, which has antibacterial properties. You also don’t need to wash your merino after every wear just hang them in a well ventilated space. ⁠

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