What on earth is a Free Size?

When shopping with us at eKo you will see that our clothing is often marked as a "Free Size". Now what does that actually mean?

It does NOT mean One Size Fits All, quite frankly it would be impossible to have a clothing piece that is going to fit every single beautiful body on this earth, yet alone suite everybody. However there are some pieces out there that can look amazing on a few different sizes, which is why we tend to use this phrase. 

To explain what we mean by free size, I need to explain how we shop for our clothing. The two main countries we source our clothing from is Italy and Thailand, now you must remember that the size of the women in these two countries tend to have smaller frames. 

When we shop in Italy majority of the clothing we are selecting from is only available in one size. For example a linen dress may come in six different colours but is only available in one size, because of this we are very select in what we choose, ensuring that the garment size reflects kiwi women sizing. We tend to choose a fit that is the range of NZ Small - X Large (This does not mean we don't cater to sizes before or after, this is just the majority size range our clothing comes in)

Now to define something that has no size on it to begin with and the fact that over the years we see multiple different sized women in the same garment and look amazing we don't specify a single size. We call these a Free Size as the item has no set size as we know it can cater for a couple of sizes. (I do try my best to give a size range for each clothing item on our online store). However we do also get some items that we class as a True Free Size these items can fit a much larger range of sizes and still look amazing such as some kaftans, jackets, floaty tops and cardigans.

So in simple terms Free Size means the garment has no labelled size but it will cater to a at least a couple of sizes. 

Remember beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Style your outfits that reflect your own personality. There are so many ways to style an individual item that doesn't have to be a reflection of your size or shape. 

If you feel good you are going to look amazing. 

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