New Arrivals Straight from ITALY 👌

A letter from us to thank you for your support over the past year! ENJOY our new Italian winter goodies!

To you our beautiful customers,

Even though the effects of covid-19 feel like a million years ago, we still find ways it effects our business eKo every day.
Last March we found out the likelihood of going to Italy to buy our summer stock was getting slim. Then by the end of March it happened, we couldn't go to Italy to buy and had to find a new way to buy stock for summer. But hey in the end we did it! 

Then in November the whole shebackle happened again. November last year we would have gone back to Italy to buy our winter clothing. We would have had it arriving into our stores at the beginning of March. But you may have noticed we didn't have our stock out then.

To buy our stock for winter, Rach the owner decided she wanted to buy off her normal Italian distributers to support their businesses as the area they are from was hit hard by covid. So Rach had to make a face time call at 3am new Zealand time to one of our Italian distributers. This was difficult in itself as we speak very little Italian and they speak zilch English. But we know our colours and numbers in Italian so she worked with just that. Then after a 4 hour long face time call she had done what we would normally do in about 10 days. Exhausting!
Buying this way has been a completely new way to how we normally do things and it has been a stressful few months waiting for our goods to arrive. 

Now  Monday this week we finally received 18 humungous boxes of our Italian winter Stock (only 6 weeks behind schedule) 

We are currently working as fast as we can to get all of these new goodies processed and into our four stores. 
You should see some of our new goodies in store now and they are slowly popping up online.

Thank you for your patience and all the support you continue to give us. 

Lots of Love 
Rach & Toni  xx

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