Little Mango - Rose and Geranium Natural Deodorant

Little Mango - Rose and Geranium Natural Deodorant

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An effective plant-based blend to keep you smelling fresh all day. All-natural deodorant cream targets the bacteria under your arms that cause body odour, while gently protecting and nourishing your skin.

Little Mango original  'Boho Babe' deodorant cream is fragranced with a soft rose geranium essential oil and is our most popular scent in the range.  Rub a small pea-sized amount of our natural deodorant under your arms, for all-day protection.  One application should last the day, even through a workout.

This aluminum free, all natural and vegan deodorant is suitable for all skin types. 

60 g. Approx 3 - 6 month supply. Made in NZ.